Land Air Sea Garage

by Brett Newski

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    releases November 1, 2016

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Mind at Large
My Blood's Gettin' Dirty & My Skin's Wearin' Thin
Things You Don't Wanna Do
Bending Spoons & Skipping Prayers
While the World Outside Dissolves


Newski’s story is certainly no fairy tale. He didn’t get signed early in his career. No famous musicians took him on tour. In fact, he barely escaped becoming a victim of the American Dream. At age 25, he quit all of his part-time jobs, moved to Vietnam, and began writing and touring. Newski’s sophomore LP “Land, Air, Sea, Garage” was recorded at a surf camp in the Sri Lankan jungle, and at home in Wisconsin. The album is about diving into the world with no safety net and landing on your feet. It’s a smart indie rock n’ roll record with tongue-in-cheek moments that show parallels to Jonathan Richman, Mountain Goats, early Weezer, Frank Turner, & Elliot Smith.

Brett Newski is not a “cool” band. In fact, he’s not a band at all. The former McDonalds employee now makes a living driving a shitty car around the world, playing shows from America to South Africa to Europe. With the lifespan of bands growing shorter every year, Newski planned for longevity by setting up a one-man touring band that could be fit in both cozy lil’ venues and raucous festival environments.

“My ‘band’ won’t break up until I’m dead,” says Newski.

Over-time, Newski became an anti-hero who didn’t play by the rules of the music business, operating with unconventional booking tactics like the “One Man Garage Band Tour” or “Weirdest Venues in the World Tour”, setting up shows in old garages, kitchens, attics, and murder houses. His tireless touring inspired a few of his songwriter friends to quit their jobs and play music full-time.

“You don’t need a fancy label or big wig industry exec to represent you. I didn’t want to wait for lightning to strike, so I just started hitting the road and taking the beatings as they came. It’s worth it.”


releases November 1, 2016

Recorded at:
Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee, WI
DriveThru Camp in Sri Lanka, Central Asia
The Nudio in Madison, WI

Engineers: Dan O Stoffels AKA the Danimal, Shane Hochstetler

All songs produced by Brett Newski + The Danimal except
“Mind at Large” Produced by Victor Delorenzo

Mixed by Alex Schaaf, Dan O Stoffels
"Garage" mixed by Daniel Holter at Wire & Vice

All songs by Brett Newski +
“DIY” by Newski/Ransom
“Garage” by Newski/Hayward Williams
“I Won’t Die a Nun” by Newski/Shuff/Dean
“Molly” by Newski/Jon Shaban
“Mind at Large” written by Newski &
arranged by Newski/Danimal/Ellie Maybe

Guitars: Brett Newski, Cousin Martin, Vic Buell
Drums: Alex Bunke, Matt Spatola
Bass: Myles Coyne, Spatola
Piano/Keys/Donuts: Spatola
Keys: Eric Klosterman, Spatola
Backing Vox: Jeanna Salzer, Kerri Mack, Cheston VanHuss
Trumpet: Chris Smith, Bill Grasley
Lapsteel, Dobro: Leroy Deuster
Percussion: Victor Delorenzo, Shane Hochstetler
Mastering: Carl Saff
Sequence: Jonny Phillip

Video: Joe Papa Ramos, Cyrion Willems, Max Threlfall, Sweet Chucky B
Illustrations: Brett Newski, Ryan Lynch
Art Layout: Ryan Lynch
Photos: Emma McEvoy



all rights reserved


Brett Newski Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Brett Newski moved to Vietnam after becoming jobless, band-less, and girl-less in 2011. There, he wrote nearly 100 power- folk songs in the steaming city of Saigon for his latest release American Folk Armageddon. Newski now tours 200+ dates per year and has been featured in The Boston Globe, NoDepression, Rolling Stone SA, Guitar World, and Blurt Magazine. ... more


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Track Name: Garage
Started somewhere around midnight
With your face on the lawn
You’ll be living in limbo
Until your 20’s are gone

Everybody’s got their mind made
But the truth is so loose
It’s not winning every battle
It’s the battles you choose

And all the things they’re telling you
Are crowded by the volume

All the laughter and the revelry
Never came for free
It’s the burden of the modern age
Artificial currency

You stalled out in the driveway
You broke down in the garage
Don’t get caught in where you’re going
Just get free where you are

And all the words that fill this place
Are only there to take up space
Track Name: Stranger
I was sitting pretty
She was sitting with her head in her hands
Looking real sad at the edge of the bed

Hard bargain
I can still feel the jargon
All gibberish in my head
These days are so shaky I want to assure you baby

Don’t be a stranger very long
The more you wait the more it’s gone

Blows my mind how time smokes by
And days burn up
If there’s one thing I know
We were built to move on

Caught the red eye
Before the cement dried
The map froze up
I wrote the plan on my left hand
So I could find you out again

Don’t be a stranger very long
The more you wait the more it’s gone
Track Name: I Won't Die a Nun
I cracked my head like Humpty Dumpty did
I met a girl who blew up London Bridge
Her name was Jill
Proved I don’t know Jack
As that bridge fell upon my back

Rain rain rain go away
I keep building straw houses
But they only blow away
Bribed my way to heaven
But there was only hell to pay
Oh I won’t die a Nun, no no
But I might die today

Lived under your shoe
Felt the shepherds cane
I played all my cards
With an extra Ace of Spades
Still hands were never won
So rockabye babe
I still feel the same
But I know I’ve changed

I know it’s not romantic
To wallow in the sea
Chewing on the anchor
And cutting my own teeth
But that’s the way it goes
It’s the way it’s gotta be
I’d love to bring you with me
I’d love to get you free